We at Aaliku Bungalows aim to offer our guests the facilities you would find in any top end villa or hotel but within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a small family run business. Aaliku is owned by an English/Indonesian couple therefore combining the local knowledge of the island coupled with western standards.

Our facilities include:
• Air Con or fan rooms
• Fresh Water
• Breakfast
• WiFi Internet Access
• Laundry Service
• Small fridge in Rooms 5 and 6
• Extra mattresses
• T.V and D.V.D players in Garden Room 1, Bungalow and Family Room

Beginning with just 1 bungalow in 2006 we have expanded Aaliku to 6 spacious rooms in total, each with their own special characters set amongst beautiful gardens. The bungalows have been designed using the best quality materials that Lombok has to offer including teak wood for the interior, stone basins and marble flooring. Sumptuous cushions with shades that vary from room to room combined with neutral wall colours create a soft, classic look whilst items such as bedside lamps contribute to making each room unique in its own way.

Aaliku is superbly located, just metres away from the harbor and not far from the central strip where the dive shops and restaurants can be found. Situated a little behind the beachfront Aaliku enjoys peace and quiet without having to sacrifice distance to get to the main hub.

As the main water source on Gili Trawangan is salt water this results in much of the accommodation offering only salt water showers. Whilst this can be endured for a night or two you soon start to feel ‘sticky’ and feel the need for a ‘real’ shower. This is why one of Aaliku’s benefits is being able to offer fresh water that is piped in from Lombok so you are able to feel properly clean throughout the duration of your stay here.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer up to date information about the island from organising a glass bottom boat to suggesting the best restaurant to enjoy fresh fish.

On your arrival we will collect you from the harbour and bring you the short distance to Aaliku where you can enjoy a welcome drink whilst you settle in and unpack.

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We are proud to form an alliance with Gili Eco Trust to conserve and preserve the natural beauty that has made Gili Trawangan famous.

One of our aims is to make Trawangan a plastic bag free island. Unfortunately Indonesia has a love affair with all things plastic and we would like to reduce the amount of plastic bags that come onto the island. Please help us by using the reusable bags that are placed in your rooms when you buy snacks or bottles of water. If there is no reusable bag in the room please ask our staff or use one of your own bags when out shopping.
If you do have any unused plastic bags we are happy to keep them as long as they are NOT

We can pass these on to Gili Eco Trust who donates them to a project on Bali that uses them to make notebook covers and wallets.

Many tourists are concerned by the sight of the horses that are used to pull the cidomos. Gili Eco Trust has listened to these concerns and taken action to improve their welfare. Firstly there is a Horse Clinic available twice a month where the drivers can take their horses if they are sick. Secondly various restaurants, dive shops and hotels have opted to place fresh water drinking troughs for horses to stop and drink during the heat of the day.

There is a new initiative that plans to sort the rubbish into plastic, metal and organic. We have signed up as one of many hotels to put three bins in our premises where the rubbish will be sorted and collected and all recyclable items will be put on the fast boat to Bali and recycled there. Please help us keep control of our rubbish by putting any rubbish you have in the correct bin.

We have a donation box in our Reception where you can contribute as much or as little as you wish to Gili Eco Trust. If would like to purchase anything in particular for the island such as mooring buoys or water troughs for the horses then this is also possible. The proceeds will go straight to the Gili Eco Trust office which is located at Big Bubble Dive Shop once a month. We want guests to keep coming back to Trawangan. By investing in the education of the locals and reducing the amount of litter on the island we believe that we can maintain the beauty of this paradise island.

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